The first solution
"people based marketing"
built on e-mail address

Today, email is the leading online media, ahead of Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
Over 90% of people use it each day, on mobile as well as on desktop.
IVIDENCE allows advertisers to reach this audience.
Newsletters' audience is precious for a publisher: it represents the heart of its readership.
At IVIDENCE, we know that these readers are attentive and committed to the values ​​of the publisher's brand.
IVIDENCE provides to these people targeted offers, while respecting the reading contract concluded during registration.

Each email address represents a unique identifier offering much more targeting possibilities than a cookie: the email address is used on the web as on all social networks, and also on mobile, tablet and desktop. And your address does not expire after 30 days.

We offer publishers an adserver and access to a network of RTB advertisers to target each individual, on each device, with a suitable advertising message. This message fits perfectly into the format of newsletters and CRM transactional emails of our publishers.

With IVIDENCE, the personal data of the publisher's readers is protected, like the first party data of an advertiser. We use a "salted email hash" to ensure the diffusion of a unique and anonymous identifier, specific to each publisher.

The audience reached by IVIDENCE is the core target of each of the partner publishers. These are attentive readers, who have realized an Optin process to receive content from the publisher, then who have voluntarily opened an email from this publisher. Treated with respect and via integrated advertising formats (native or IAB), this audience is the most active of all.

Publishers can directly manage their inventory, or let the IVIDENCE SSP bring them the advertisers present on our programmatic platform. We manage over 75M bids per day to match your audience with the most qualified advertising.

IVIDENCE is designed to work with your solutions already in place. If you are an ESP or use a ESP, the insertion of a simple tag gives you access to our network.
If you use a DMP or CRM tool built on email client identifiers, we can immediately use this data to target your audience
If you use a specific DSP for your media campaigns, our programmatic solution allows you to immediately buy from our inventory
If you are a publisher, and wish to market your campaigns yourself, our Adserver allows you to immediately sell your inventory by inserting a simple tag.