A team,

Our values

IVIDENCE is an Adtech « PEOPLE CENTRIC » company.


We believe in the development of a long-term relationship between the publisher and each of the members of its audience. We believe that focusing on the short term by favoring the optimization logic "ecpm / impression / Quarter" is a limited approach. We believe in the concept of Lifetime Value between an editor and each of its readers, and we want to help to develop this relationship.
We believe that individuals come first for the content of an editor. Within an implicit or explicit reading contract, they want to see advertisements that concern them, and that respect their relationship with the publisher.


Our approaches to experimentation and innovation are above all Data-Centric, and we believe in the strength of numerical demonstration. We develop our own services, and we are, first and foremost, a company that develops technologies, and operates them at the service of real customers to solve real problems.


We believe that advertisers have the right to demand full transparency on the effectiveness of each of their investments. We think that they must be able to know with certitude, with which audience, on which screen they are in contact, individual by individual.
In our opinion, Marketing solutions must be "fraud-free" by design, and not via a paid overlay.
We believe that investments in DMP-type solutions must be used for marketing projects integrated directly with these solutions, and that it is up to us to create and provide solutions that adapt to advertisers' systems, and not the reverse.


We want to give our partners the widest range of tools. Publishers and advertisers alike. Your formats will always be designed for the most fluid integration possible for the user experience.